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– industry-leading suppliers of affordable and reliable concrete pumping services. Our fully trained and skilled team are matched only by our outstanding reputation.

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Here at Dorset Concrete Pumping, we recognise that our customers expect first-class results, quality products and affordable prices. We make this promise to you to always provide the very best and most competitively priced service around.

It is our company promise to help reduce your labour costs by up to 50% while reducing scheduling logistics and providing you with superior quality. You’ll be assured of excellent results when you call Dorset Concrete Pumping now.

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Your Local Concrete Pumping Company

A concrete pump is an essential piece of equipment that makes pouring concrete where it’s needed both quick and stress-free. But, for those inexperienced with the use of concrete pumps, it can be a daunting task. Fortunately, your local concrete pumping company is here to assist. Here at Dorset Concrete Pumping, our many years of operational experience make us the most reliable choice for concrete pumping in Dorset.

From 16m to 56m, we have options to facilitate project requests of all sizes and are committed to making the whole process as straightforward as possible. Our pumps help to minimise any wastage which could potentially push the cost up further. As such, you can reliably budget for our services without worrying about having to deal with any unforeseen costs.


At Dorset Concrete Pumping, we’re committed to providing solutions which change the way that modern concrete construction is carried out.

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What Are the Benefits of Concrete Pumping Dorset?

Over the years, concrete pumping has dramatically changed the way modern concrete construction is carried out. There are many benefits to hiring a concrete pump which you can find listed below:

Faster Than Using Wheelbarrows

Save Up To 50% on Labour Compared to Truck Delivery

Concrete and Pump from the Same Supplier

Access Hard-To-Reach Areas

Helps to Offset Logistical Challenges Associated with Scheduling

Save Time and Money

What’s more, at Dorset Concrete Pumping, we can provide concrete pumping in Dorset to facilitate projects of all sizes. If you would like to discuss any of this in more detail, give our team a call now on 01202 925345.

The reason why you dont use a dumper when doing footings, a concrete pump wins every time

Dumper vs Concrete Pump

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If you’re a little unsure as to how to go about setting up a concrete pump, Dorset customers need only give us a call or check out our gallery.